about me

Hey I’m Jerry and I’m 39. This is my new personal blog that I wanted to start because there are some things I want to talk about my life and now seems like a great time to get started.

I been putting off doing this for years, but I think now is the time to bite the bullet and get some words out there, taking them out of my mind and making things easier for me to think about.

I have a great home, a nice car, two lovely children and an amazing partner. We live in a decent suburb and money really honestly isn’t a problem. We get two holidays a year and both have decent jobs.

We have a dog called Rex and three cats that I won’t bore you with the names of. So generally, I’m a pretty average guy, in fact some people would say I am lucky. But this blog is about a few things in my life which aren’t quite right and I feel are making me unhappy.