15 Jul

The unfortunate incident outside my house

I was doing some work on my course today. I have received the narrative essay that I ordered from the writing help website.

As I said before I can’t do narrative paper writing and so I’ve ordered a pre-written essay from a website, which is making me feel really guilty. But the quality is very high and it’s great because I’m using it as a base for me to construct my own around it, so I’m justifying it in that it’s helping me to learn and giving me some help with my writing, rather than me just cheating.

Anyway, I looked out of the front window as a white van pulled up outside, it was a window cleaner and his assistant. The assistant climbed up onto the top of the van to pass down the ladder and as he did so he overbalanced and went straight over the top of it and landed on the pavement. He was hurt but not badly, and after couple of minutes he was laughing.

But it made me think about what would have happened if he had passed that ladder down and fallen at a slightly different angle. He would have fallen into the road and a car went past just as he fell. He would have probably been killed and me and his friend would have been traumatised by what happened. Just a 10° change of direction could have made the difference between what was funny and what could have been a tragedy.

It certainly made me think and it took me a bit of time to get my head out of that state of mind and back into work mode. Which is what I also have to do now, I’ve wanted to write this blog post talk about it, but I really do have to get on with trying to finish this narrative essay structure so that I can then work on the fine details to hopefully make it a bit more my own. That could be easier said than done, and I will probably be sitting here in another hour staring at the computer having done nothing.